Who Are We?

About Us

We are just 2 people making a living at what we love to do! We are a husband-and-wife team. By team, we mean we share the load across all aspects of our business. Karl is the creative one and I am more the booky kind of girl. We run our business like we run our personal life. We treat people the way we want to be treated.

We were working together years before we started our American Tradition Cookie Cutters website. Even before we got married. Cookie cutters have always been a passion for Karl and he basically just pulled me along for the ride! What a ride it has been!!!  Karl has been involved in cookie cutters since he was in his early teens. He did a lot of jobs along the way, but it all came back to cookie cutters.  I never thought about cookie cutters until I met him. My path seemed far from cookie cutters and owning my own business. Karl helped me see that I could do it and now I wouldn’t want anything else. Our website is 17 years old now, and we are still going strong.

We love what we do and take pride in our product. We offer a quality, American made, cookie cutter at an affordable price for everyone, every day.  It is our name on the line and we want to provide the best product we can.

If you want or need to contact us, rest assured, I will be on the job. You will ALWAYS be talking to someone in charge. How can you not be as there are only two of us here? We may not always be able to help you the moment you contact us but WILL return your message/call as soon as we can. We both have many jobs to do to get all those cookie cutters out to all of you. As the saying goes: You can’t be in two places at the same time!” From designing the cutters to designing the website, we do all aspects of a business.  Karl wears many hats which include, but are not limited to: designing the cutters, making the cutters, packing them up and all round handy man I wear some hats too: writing some of the code to make our website attractive and easy to use, labeling each and every package, messaging and/or talking to care for customer’s needs. Here is something you may not know:

  1. Karl does 99.9% of the social media posts. He is quite witty and brings that wit to Facebook and Instagram. 
  2. I weld each and every cookie cutter we make.

We hope this little tidbit of information gives you a better insight into the people of American Tradition Cookie Cutters. Just the 2 of us!!!!