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Great Cutter

Great Cutter

This cookie cutter did a very realistic fidget spinner shape. I made over a hundred cookies for a school and it lasted through all of those cookies...

Thanks SO much!!!

I just got my cookie cutters in. First time I’ve ordered from you all. I expected them to be a little thinner material than my $5 cutters, not so....


Here at American Tradition Cookie Cutters we try to do all we can to help keep the environment safe.

ALL of our all metal-tin cookie cutters can be recycled.

  • Once your cookie cutters have lost their life for baking you can use them for the kids.

  • They can use them to trace and make great pictures for all those around them.

  • They can decorate them with beads and glue and use them for gifts or tree decorations.

  • And once they can't be used anymore in your household please remember to recycle them. Tin can be used again and again, so don't let them hit a landfill.

    In keeping with this theme we do not send a packing slip with our orders. This causes undue excess paper waste in the environment. If you would like a copy of your invoice please contact us and we will be happy to email one to you.


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We make all cutters to order and have specific processing times. Please click on the picture to visit our shipping info page. Thank you.

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